Finding God in the Little Things


If you’ve been a reader of mine for a little while, you’ll know that I’ve sort of started a new “faith” journey with the main goal of becoming closer to God. In my previous faith post, I focused a lot on the actual church service itself which is certainly important, but I think I missed the bigger picture. If I’m going to be closer to God, I need to focus my attention to God constantly and consistently – not just for an hour on Sundays. I’m still going to attend mass each week when possible, but now, I’m going to focus on the little things. I’ve already noticed a positive impact in doing so, and I’m feeling closer to God which is, again, the most important part.

It’s really difficult to keep a focus on God when you’re as busy as I am, but here’s a few things I’ve done to keep God close every day:

Listen to K-LOVE (Christian radio) while I’m in the car

I love to listen to all kinds of music, but when I’m in the car, I’ve committed myself to listening to Christian music. This has probably been the most effective way I’ve found myself growing closer to God. The songs are really, really good. They’ve got a great beat and the words really hit home. I was introduced to K-LOVE by my very good friend, McKenzie, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. I encourage you all to try and listen to a little bit of Christian music each day – it’s a huge energy/mood booster!

Wear Christian jewelry 

This might seem kind of simple or silly, but if I’m wearing a cross bracelet when I’m in class taking notes, I’ll catch a glimpse of it, and it’s a nice reminder that God is always there. It just keeps my mind focused on him and reminds me to try and show others His love.

Read some sort of scripture/devotional before going to bed

This was a suggestion I received from my Aunt Traci whom I admire very, very much. She’s a huge role model in my faith journey, and I’m very thankful for her. She described the Bible as God’s love story to each and every one of us, and she couldn’t be more right! It’s such a great way to end each day and has been a big help.

Everyone’s faith journey is unique, but it’s a journey that never really ends. There can always be room for improvement, so maybe try something you’ve never done before and you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I hope everyone has a great upcoming week! I’ll be super busy the rest of this week/weekend with sorority recruitment, so I won’t be posting for a little while. Thanks for reading!


Megan LouAnn



3 thoughts on “Finding God in the Little Things

  1. ambersbliss says:

    I love this because I’m going through the exact same thing at the moment. I’ve started doing a plan on the bible app and listening to music before class. It all helps me to become happier. It makes you crave him more too! Good luck on your journey!

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