Happy Birthday to my Blog!


It’s crazy to think that I started writing my blog an entire year ago (October 3, 2013). It’s funny to look back at my very first post, First Post Jitters, and realize just how much has changed this past year. Blog-wise, I think I’ve made a lot of progress, specifically by switching from blog-spot to WordPress to give my blog a more modern style. I have grown tremendously reader-wise, and I’d at least like to think my content has gotten better along the way. But the more significant changes aren’t in my blog itself but in my life in general.

This past year I completed my first year of college at NKU, and I’m about 2 months into my second. I started out as a nursing major, switched to biology education, and have finally settled on a cellular, molecular, genetics bio major with a minor in chemistry and Spanish with the hopes of going to grad school to study optometry. I went from living on campus to living back at home (best decision ever). I made this switch because I found out I’m basically allergic to all things dorm: mold and cockroaches. I also went through a series of “not so fun” tests because my doctor was 99% confident I had Crohn’s disease. Luckily, that wasn’t the case! I took a lot of mini vacations to places such as Destin, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and St. Louis. I made a lot of new friends but have remained close with my old friends too. I joined a sorority which is turning out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started driving a new car – goodbye 1997 Dodge Neon! You have not been missed! I both got into and out of a relationship in the past year, and although ‘short-lived’, it taught me a lot about myself and more about what I want out of life. That’s the key, I did a lot of new things, had some struggles, made new friends, but most importantly, I grew as a person. I grew mentally, spiritually, a little bit physically (freshman fifteen yall), and I can honestly say that I’m proud of the woman I am today. I am so excited for what the future holds, and I hope that I can somehow maintain this blog through all of the craziness that’s sure to come.

It’s been such a blessing to share my thoughts with you all because we all know I’d go pretty crazy if I didn’t write my life away sometimes. Thank you for sticking with me and reading all of the craziness I’ve spewed over the past year, and I hope to bring you some pretty awesome stuff in the year to come – I’ve got like 5 drafts just waiting to be finished and published! Love you all so much.


Megan LouAnn


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