Redefining Success


College. A key time to figure out what you want for yourself, and in particular, what you want as a career. It can be incredibly stressful determining what you want to do for the rest of your life, especially when you have the pressure of deciding quickly in order to graduate on time in order to not waste money. I think every college student obviously wants to be successful in their career, but I think many college students and adults, even, have lost the ability to determine what “success” really means.

First, let’s get rid of some myths:

1. Success is not determined by the level of degree you receive: associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate – it does not matter.

2. College is not the only road to success. But having some sort of plan is essential.

3. The amount of money you will make doesn’t make you more or less successful.

4. Any ‘prestige’ that comes with a specific career doesn’t determine your success in that career.

So, now that we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions, let’s look at what success really is:

1. You put your whole heart into whatever it is you’re doing. Always remember that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

2. You are happy – genuinely happy – with what you’re doing.

To me, if you can honestly say those two things are true, then I consider you a successful person. I don’t care if you’re a surgeon or a janitor. If you work your butt off and are happy doing it, then good for you. If you’re not, find something else to do because nothing is worth doing if you don’t do it ambitiously and happily.

You certainly don’t have to have everything figured out (I know I don’t), but it’s important that you are on a path that will lead you to true success in your career and in life.

What are some things that you consider a successful person to be? Let me know in the comments down below!


Megan LouAnn


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