College Connection

Hellooooo readers! So I’m throwing a super unconventional blog post your way today, and I’m not sure how it will be received, but like always… oh whale. I also have no idea if this is like a thing in the blogosphere, but I’m just going to make it a thing if it’s not already. So as I was scrolling through the college tag on WordPress, I realized that there are a ton of other college (or at least college aged) bloggers out there that I’ve been missing out on for quite some time. I think it would be cool to connect with all of you beautiful people, and that way we can share and read each other’s experiences as we go through this crazy time in our lives. I’m going to tag some of the blogs that I’ve been following or happened to follow today that I know are in college or what not. If I tagged you, I think it would be really cool to share what college you’re from, what your major is, etc., but most importantly, link one or two other bloggers’ websites that you know are going through college or are in the same age range. This is just a good way to get connected, gain some new followers, and hopefully find some awesome blogs to follow in the start of the new year!


Megan LouAnn

Dose of Jen


Surviving Campus Life


According to the College Kids

Science, Books and Silly Things


A Reflective Student



The Hopeful Wayfarer


4 thoughts on “College Connection

  1. fearlesslynat says:

    Thank you for tagging me! 🙂 Meeting and networking with other college bloggers is one of my goals/ favorite things! I’m a Human Biology major and study in PR, about 45 minutes from home. :3

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