Rambles for Your Monday

Hello readers and happy Monday! My mind is all over the place today, and I’m having a hard time channeling my thoughts into a categorized blog post, so we’re just gonna go for it. A lot of my older blog posts (like waaaaay older, like not even on WordPress older) were honestly just a bunch of rambling. So let’s just say this is a little throwback. Onto the rambles!

So I’ve completed my first week of my second semester of sophomore year (woop, woop), and although it felt like the longest week ever, it was nice to get back into a good routine. My schedule is a lot better this semester, and I actually get a decent break to sit down and eat lunch with friends! Here’s the low down on my classes so far.

1.) I’ve heard horror stories about my chemistry professor (and we all know I hate chemistry), but maybe I’m a weirdo or maybe it’s too soon, but I really, really like her. We’ll see…

2.) I didn’t think that general ecology would be that bad (and it’s not THAT bad – like it’s not difficult), but I’ve realized that I have zero interest in the material. It’s required for all biology majors, but it has nothing to do with my track (cellular, molecular, genetics). Barf.

3.) Biometry has been interesting so far. My professor has no idea what’s going on, so that’s always helpful. Also, all of our work is on computer programs, so we spend half of the class trying to boot-up computers due to NKU’s not-so-wonderful WiFi. Let’s just say the most important thing I’ve learned so far are which seats are ‘dead’ in the network. Lol.

4.) Finally, Spanish. Best class ever. There’s no comparison. The more Spanish classes I take, the more I love it, and of course, being me, I tend to doubt why I’m not just a Spanish major (but whatevs). My professor is the cutest, and she really wants us to learn which is cool because like… yoooo gurl is tryna learn some espanol (omg it won’t let me put the tilde over the n!!!!). Can I be in Segovia already?!

Today was my first volleyball tournament as a coach, and although it’s crazy sad that I’m no longer a player, it was a lot of fun. Being on the other side of things was weird at first, but I love that I have the opportunity to pass on all of the knowledge I gained over my 7+ years of playing. Side note: coaching is tiring especially when you’re sick. I’ve got a bunch of sinus crud going on, so I felt like I had yell even louder for them to hear me. Guarantee I have no voice tomorrow. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

I received tremendous positive feedback on my previous post, and I can not thank you all enough. Thanks to anyone who read it, liked it, shared it, etc. because my stats were booming for days after that post. I had also received quite a few messages from friends and strangers alike about their interest in Crossroads, and I could not have been any happier to answer their questions. If you’ve been thinking about trying something new in your faith journey, PLEASE reach out to me. Aside from simply keeping a record of my life, that’s one of the reasons I write this blog – to hopefully inspire people or help people in one way or another through both my successes and failures. Again, thank you all so much, y’all rock.

I now realize that this post is extremely random and may have been like super uninteresting to read, but I just had a lot of excitement on my mind from all of the new things going on this past week, I just had to share! I promise (maybe) not to have a rambling post for a while, but I’m just trying to keep everyone updated! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week ahead!


Megan LouAnn

PS! – It’s Bachelor Monday (if you watch The Bachelor who are your favorites??)

PPS! – I applied for another scholarship to study abroad in Segoviaaaaaaaaaaayaayyayya. Ok, I’m done. Bye.

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