When Your Best Friend is Built In

18So today was just crappy. Point blank. It started out great with my morning yoga class, but boy was it all downhill from there. Without getting into the details, I just felt like I couldn’t win today. It seems like my Tuesdays and Thursdays have been following this trend lately which is odd because I have the least amount of classes on these days. I think part of the reason they are so crappy is because I literally do not see my sister until 8pm at the earliest. I didn’t notice at first, but I think it makes a huge difference. As most of my close friends and family know, I love my little sister. She is absolutely my best friend, and we always have the best time doing the silliest thing. It’s just nice to have her around. We never used to get along – like hair-pulling, name-calling fights 24/7, and I regret those years wasted because now that we’ve put our childish ways behind, we have the greatest relationship ever. A sister can be the best friend ever because she’s been there your whole life. She knows what struggles you’ve been through and are still going through. She’s been there through all of the family drama. She’s been at all of those important life events. And most importantly, she’s loved you unconditionally all the way through. With the risk of sounding cliche, she “just gets you”. At least I know my sister does. We have conversations about how we will live right next to each other one day and build our families and lives together. Like that is seriously our dream people. And maybe even before that, we could move-in together for a while because hello – she’s clearly already the perfect roommate. I just wanted to give a shout-out to my little bitty for making my crappy days a little better. Even after this crappy day, I’m looking forward to getting some delicious sushi with her as soon as I get off work. Yay! It’s the smaller things… 🙂


Megan LouAnn


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