The Snowpocalypse of KY


Okay, so I’m honestly really surprised I haven’t been cranking out blog posts like it’s my job recently because I’ve been off school ALL WEEK due to the snowpocalypse of Kentucky. I’ve heard someone say it’s like spring break minus the spring. Monday was the start of it all, and it was pretty nasty out since the majority of accumulation was during the day, and then following into Tuesday morning, the roads were still pretty messy. Tuesday into Wednesday they predicted a light ‘dusting’ to about an inch more of snow, but everyone was in for a rude awakening when we woke up on Wednesday morning with an additional four inches – oh my! The roads early Wednesday were the worst we had seen so far. Finally, by Wednesday evening the snow seemed to die down, but we were closed today to due extremely cold temperatures (-30 degrees F windchill!). It’s been a very interesting week to say the least, but it’s been nice having such a nice long break from school, and oddly enough, my professors seem to be handling it really well (meaning they aren’t sending 900 emails freaking out attaching a million and one worksheets to do). I think they must be enjoying the break just like we are!

So back to my original statement, about not blogging and such, I’ve actually kept myself pretty busy this week staying on top of studying and projects. I know, I think it’s weird too. Now, I’ve certainly been taking my lofty 2 hour naps throughout the day and watching a good deal of sappy chick-flick movies, but I just haven’t been in the blogging mood *sigh*. I think my brain has just been frozen from all of this cold, snowy weather!

I do have one update to share, however! I received a very nice scholarship from my university’s education abroad office to study abroad in Segovia, and I’ve filled out 99% of the paperwork needed to complete my acceptance! This is really happening, people, and I could not be more excited! Let’s hope there is not a snowpocalypse in Segovia once I’m over there! I can only handle one every year because cabin fever, yall!

I apologize for not posting for a while, but I’ve been rather boring as of late. Talk to you all soon! 🙂


Megan LouAnn


One thought on “The Snowpocalypse of KY

  1. frankwmcarr says:

    Yep, it’s snowing in Philly as well.

    And technically, right now, spring break is a bit of a misnomer since we’re not really there yet, it’s only February. But after all, January and February aren’t really spring, just like late August and early December aren’t really fall, concerning that semester.

    Well, brave the cold and stay warm!


    PS Good luck finishing the 1% of your paperwork for your study-abroad endeavors!

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