5 Things to Do Over Spring Break


With only one more day of school and one more exam until Spring Break, I’ve got anything but studying on my mind. We poor people of Kentucky have yet again received another lovely snowpocalypse from mother nature, so this whole spring break thing doesn’t sound very “spring” like. And unfortunately, I’m not traveling to any beach or anywhere for that matter, BUT that doesn’t mean that this spring break has to be a boring one. Here are 5 things to do over spring break even if you’re not technically going anywhere!

1. Finally take the time to do that one thing you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t found the time to do it! For me, this is finishing a book I picked up a few weeks ago, The Paper Magician. This could be anything! Just find something that you’ll enjoy and you’ve been wanting to do for a while!

2. Take time to cleanse your body and get back into a new workout routine. I know for a fact that all of this winter weather and all of these midterms have got me out of my usual workout routine. What better time to restart and recharge than when there is no more tests to study for (at least for a little while)?! Take the time to prepare healthy meals for the week and to try a new class or two. I firmly believe that every once in a while, our bodies crave for us to just give them one week of seriously clean eating. Then to celebrate all of that hard work, at the end of the week – treat yourself!

3. Treat yourself! This can be by literally treating yourself with a batch of warm cookies, or you could treat yourself to a nice relaxing pedicure (I mean you might not be going to the beach, but you can pretend!!!).

4. Take a day trip with friends or family! Just because you don’t have a flight and hotel booked, doesn’t mean you can’t travel somewhere for a day! If you like shopping (like me), pick a day to drive to your favorite outlet mall and buy some new spring clothes to get you ready for the warmer weather ahead. Or pick somewhere you’ve never been to before and go! It’s nice to get a change of pace every once in a while.

5. And finally, if all else fails – Netflix! Let’s face it, you’ve got an entire week off of school with minimal responsibilities, and you’re going to take full advantage of it by watching or re-watching all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl because er, well… because you can, darn it! There’s nothing wrong with relaxing during spring break, and if the weather has got you trapped inside, I can’t think of anything better to do!

I hope you all have wonderful spring breaks whether you’re lucky enough to be basking in the sun in Florida or if you’ll be utilizing some of my ideas wherever you call home! If you are traveling, please, please stay safe but have loads of fun too! Until next time…


Megan LouAnn


3 thoughts on “5 Things to Do Over Spring Break

  1. thehopefulwayfarer says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading a few books over spring break! I have no plans but to relax, and I couldn’t be happier. Luckily, the temperatures where I live look like they’re going to be warm for my break, so I’m going to enjoy that. I hope you have a great spring break as well! 🙂

    • meganlouann says:

      The temperatures where I live are looking like they’ll be in the 50s which is like desert temperatures compared to what it’s been!! Thank you, and enjoy reading! 😀

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