A Few Updates AND…

Hey guys! So I wanted to just give you all a few generalized updates and to announce that… we will save that for later (don’t read ahead, I know you want to!). Okay, on to the updates!

I received my flight itinerary for Spain, and I was extremely relieved to find out that I am flying Delta. I don’t know why, but I’ve almost always flown Delta in the past, and it’s just nice to know there will be some familiarity for this nine hour flight. I’m flying out of Louisville (about an hour and half drive from home) to Atlanta. We then have a five hour layover (yuckkkkk), but then it’s off to Madrid from there! They split the program into two groups by alphabetical order. Luckily, the few girls who I already know in my program are on the same flight. Woooo last names starting with A-N. Receiving the flight itinerary made me like 980321x more excited than I already was, if that’s even possible. AND I will be having my program orientation next weekend at Western Kentucky University, so I think that may or may not send me over the edge with anticipation, but it really is so close (less than 2 months people!!!). I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends and family such as, “Are you like super, duper nervous?!”, and I can give them an honest answer of “no”. I can see why they would ask me these types of questions because I can be such a nervous person, but traveling abroad has been something I’ve been wanting and mentally preparing myself to do since before I even started college. Sure, I have a little bit of ‘nervous butterflies’ when I think about it, but excitement is absolutely the overpowering emotion. I got my passport before I even applied to the program – clearly I’m ready to get the heck out of the USA for a while. I’m going to try to make a post tomorrow about a few purchases I’ve made for Spain, BUT it will be on my Summer in Segovia blog, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow that blog as well!

As far as other updates go, there’s not much to share. I’ve been kind of crazy busy lately with the end of the semester approaching quickly, volleyball in full swing, and trying to have somewhat of a life outside of all the madness. I recently went through a bunch of blood work, tests, etc. for a few health concerns (legitimate concerns, not just the hypochondria side of me! lolz), and luckily it seems to be that for the most part, everything is normal. I do have an overwhelmingly strong indication of Hashimoto’s Disease (when your immune system attacks your thyroid), but as of right now, my thyroid is functioning normally, I just have to ease myself in to a completely gluten and soy free diet as both of these can cause changes/imbalances in hormone levels. I’ve been doing pretty good on the “easing” part, but I’m definitely not there yet. Also, while in Spain I feel as if it’s going to have to go out the window because from what I’ve heard, Spain is all like ‘carbs carbs carbs’, and let’s be honest, I’m all about that life.

So now that I’ve updated you on all things Megan, it’s time to share what this super exiting announcement is! Drum roll please… I’ve signed up for Writing 101 starting on Monday! Some of you are probs like, ‘uhmmmm… what?’. Allow me to explain. Writing 101 is an online course put on by WordPress, the blogging portal I use, and basically every weekday for 4 weeks, they will email me a writing prompt with a special ‘twist’, and I’m required to write something on these topics every day. The idea is to post them all, but no promises. Just generally, this will be a good start and habit to develop writing everyday since I really plan to post everyday while I’m in Spain, so be on the lookout for (hopefully) daily posts starting on Monday! (I’m really sorry if I built up this ‘announcement’ too much and you were hoping for something crazy awesome in which case this is not, butttttttt it’s crazy awesome to me).

Until next time…


Megan LouAnn


2 thoughts on “A Few Updates AND…

  1. Taylor Stitt says:

    Can we agree that hormone problems are the WORST?!?! I have them too. I try to avoid dairy and eat meat that’s hormone-free. It’s such a struggle 😒

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