10 for 10

Well, ladies and gents, I was going to make this post on Summer in Segovia, but I logged onto WordPress, and it turns out this is my one year anniversary in joining the site, and meganlouann is where it all began. So I felt it was more appropriate to post here, and I have been seriously slacking on the posts lately. I am officially 10 days out from my departure from America and arrival in Spain. It’s so crazy to think about how fast time has flown by!!! It seems like just yesterday, I received my acceptance email, yet here we are. I truly can’t wait to soak up this entire study abroad experience and make the most of it. There are certainly some nerves starting to kick in, but for the most part, they’re just butterflies from all of the excitement! This is my first time going out of the country and the longest amount of time that I’ll be away from home, but I know that it’s all going to be worth it. So in concordance with the 10 day countdown, here are 10 things that I wish to get out of my study abroad experience:

1. Improve my Spanish speaking skills

2. See as much of Spain as I can

3. Immerse myself in the culture

4. Make new friends

5. Overcome my fears

6. Become more independent

7. Appreciate my home/family more

8. Light a fire within in me to never. stop. traveling.

9. Prove to myself I’m capable of anything I put my mind to

10. Oh! And have fun of course 🙂

I look forward to sharing this journey and all of my experiences with you once I’m over there. I have another post ready for Summer in Segovia that I should be posting on Friday evening, so be sure to follow. I won’t be posting much on this site at all while I’m in Spain, so if you’d like to keep up with me, definitely check it out!!

I’m so thankful for all of the support I’ve gotten over the past year within WordPress and in the community. You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that someone loves to read my writing. I look forward to another great year here on WordPress.

Until next time…


Megan LouAnn


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