Spain – A Beautiful Thing


Well well well, where to begin… As most of you probably know by now, unfortunately I didn’t get to blog at all while I was studying abroad in Spain. I had such high hopes of blogging nearly every day, but the wifi situation just wasn’t what I had been expecting, and it made it extremely difficult to legitimately get on the internet at all. Not only that, I had hardly any free time whatsoever because I was always out and about doing something which is obviously a good thing, but I’m still super bummed I wasn’t able to document my trip the only way I know how!! Just kidding, I did the old fashioned thing and wrote in my journal as much as possible, but it simply wasn’t the same.

So here I am, with many friends and family eager to know how my trip went because they haven’t been able to keep up with me on my blog (the key source to how most of my friends and especially family keep up with my crazy life), and I don’t even know where to start. Now that’s it’s all over, it’s like one giant blur of a hell of a good time floating around in my head, and I feel extremely awkward trying to spit it all back out in a logical, coherent way. I start telling random stories that made me belly laugh harder than I ever have before, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. They ask if I learned a lot, and I tell them ‘Of course!’, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was that I had learned.

I’ve heard that this is a common trend among many study abroad students who have returned to the states, and I’m sure they’d all agree that it’s a very frustrating thing, but seriously, it makes sense. How in the world can someone put into words 30 days of non-stop learning, exploring, loving, living, doubting, bonding, experiencing, growing, and so on and so forth? How can one describe the initial overwhelming feeling of truly living when a view unlike any other takes their breath away? How is it fathomable that someone can describe the lifelong friendships made in such a short amount of time because you experienced a part of this crazy world together? It’s simply impossible, but in another sense, it’s absolutely, positively beautiful. Why? Because those 30 days are something so personal, so indescribable, that only I can truly remember and only I will be able to hold and cherish those 30 days in an intimate way that can’t be shared with anyone else because to anyone and everyone else, it simply will not make sense.

So friends, family, and lovely followers, all I can really say about my trip to Spain and what I’ve learned are the following things:

  • Never in my entire life have I been pushed so far outside of my comfort zone
  • The friendships I made are unlike any friendships I’ve had in the past
  • I caught the travel bug and am already researching where I want to go next
  • Change is a beautiful thing
  • Megan post-Spain is a little different than Megan pre-Spain in a good way
  • My values really revealed themselves to me
  • Sometimes not having a plan at all leads to the most beautiful things
  • I will hold those 30 days very, very close to my heart for the rest of my life

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible; it was truly a priceless experience. Now that I’m back in the states be on the lookout for more frequent posts. June was a dryyyyyy month for meganlouann, but I have full faith that I’ll be back up and running on a regular schedule for the remainder of summer. I wish all of you a very safe and happy fourth (I’ll be stuck at work until 4pm yay….), and God bless this beautiful country that I’m lucky enough to call HOME.

Love always,

Megan LouAnn

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I'm just a college student trying to find her place in this world, so as for an introduction, it's always changing...

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