Seeking God Among the Chaos

41Hectic, crazy, and strange are three words to describe my first week back in America. I knew that as soon as I returned, I would be overwhelmed with responsibilities of the real world and boy, was I right. It’s like reverse culture shock. I’ve found myself seeking a ‘breather’ more often than before, and the craziness of my day to day life has really taken full flight. It’s taken an entire week for my body to get used to food with actual flavor and spice again (sorry, Carmen aka host mom aka mystery food connoisseur) . Anywho, last night as I was getting ready for bed after a long day and thinking about the next day ahead (another long day), I felt this overwhelming desire to pause what I was doing and spend time with God.

I read my Jesus Calling devotional for the day, but I was still seeking something more. Suddenly, I thought about this book I was given on my senior high school retreat, and two seconds later the black and purple cover caught my eye on my book shelf. I hadn’t touched it since I switched rooms with my younger sister right before my first semester of college. Basically, it’s the New Testament in everyday language. As I began to flip through the pages, I noticed it still had several dog ears and highlighted sections from my favorite passages that I came across during that very special weekend senior year. I found myself lost in the book for about thirty minutes jumping around through all of these marked passages that still carried so much meaning to me over two years later. After reading, I felt so peaceful and ready to continue to grow in this way with Christ on a daily basis. I set the book on top of my devotional on my night stand and fell asleep determined to keep these special encounters with God a more frequent thing.

The thing is, when I seek God’s face, He never fails to give me peace and reassurance that I’m doing better than I think I am. But that’s the thing, I have to be willing to spend time with Him. He’s always there, don’t get me wrong, but if I just go about my day to day duties without thinking twice about Him, I don’t really give Him the chance to speak to me. Reading scripture can tremendously strengthen your relationship with Christ, but you’ve just got to take the time to do it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – my faith and relationship with God is an ever evolving journey with lots and lots of trials and tribulations. I try to build it stronger and stronger, but within this crazy, hectic, and strange life of mine, it’s easy to get lost and to forget who really deserves my undying love and attention. I mess up, I make mistakes, I don’t spend nearly enough time with God, but every time I come running back, He’s waiting there with open arms. I’ve just got to do better than the time before, and I think that reading scripture more frequently will keep me on the right track.

What are some things you do to keep your mind and heart centered around Christ? I’d love for you to leave some suggestions in the comments down below!

Love always,

Megan LouAnn


One thought on “Seeking God Among the Chaos

  1. Traci Krumpelman says:

    Hi Megan! Welcome home! I know your family is thrilled to have you back. When it comes to focusing on Christ, I will often write down on a note card a particular verse from my Bible reading that Holy Spirit has impressed on my heart. Memorizing it is so helpful. The Lord will bring it back to my remembrance in a time of joy or sorrow. I enjoy your blog posts! Love, Aunt Traci

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