6 Things that Happened After Going Gluten-Free

First, I must start out with a disclaimer: I am not writing this post encouraging every single person to go on a gluten-free diet. Eating gluten-free is absolutely not some new weight-loss fad. Period. I’m writing this post to reach those few people who are really at a loss as to why they feel the way they do and perhaps to gather my owns thoughts and prove to myself that the trials and tribulations of gluten free life are worth it. I personally decided to go gluten free after a diagnosis of undifferentiated spondyloarthritis and a strong genetic precursor for Hashimoto’s Disease. Going gluten-free has saved me from the countless side effects of powerful drugs, and I couldn’t be more thankful. One day I’ll make a post about my entire journey leading up to my decision to begin a gluten-free lifestyle, but for now, I’d like to focus on the positive impacts it has had on my life. Let’s begin. Here are 6 things that have happened since I began my gluten-free journey about four months ago.

  1. I have learned that food is food and I’m not addicted to bread.
    1. When I first set out on my GF journey, I really thought that I’d have to give up all together because bread was my life. Ask my family. I was the bread queen. Four months later I not only have stuck to it and not cheated with bread, but I actually don’t even want it anymore. The extreme carb cravings have dwindled. I have started to realize that food really is merely fuel for my body.
  2. I no longer bloat like an 8 month pregnant woman every day of my life.
    1. Charlie (my food baby) (yes, I named my food baby) (you start to develop emotional attachments when you see him/feel him every day) is mostly a friend of the past. I seriously would have extreme cases of bloating at least every other day, and now I will bloat maybe 2-3 times a month, and it’s clearly dairy induced (which I refuse to give up completely because cheese and yogurt, cheeeese and yogurt).
  3. My sinuses and allergies have improved tremendously.
    1.  Although I still take over the counter allergy medicine every day, I can confidently say that in general, my allergy symptoms have been a lot less severe which is a huge win because for a while, my allergies seemed to be getting worse and worse.
  4. I’ve become an expert nutrition label reader.
    1. This one is self explanatory.
  5. Groceries/eating out have become more expensive.
    1. I’m so lucky to have such a supporting family when it comes to my GF eating because I know that buying a few of my specialty items can really add up in the checkout lane, but they have witnessed how much better I feel and completely understand my need to eat this way. Eating out is a whole different story and perhaps another future post (I’m thinking about doing a whole GF series).
  6. I really can no longer have anything gluten-containing.
    1. So obviously now that I’ve cleared gluten out of my system, I feel SO much better, but the true test if the GF lifestyle is worth doing or not is to eat something gluten containing after a few months of being strictly GF. I have had a handful of incidents over the past four months where I have consumed gluten on accident (it’s way easier than you think, gluten hides in eeeeeverything), and I can honestly say that within 10 minutes of consuming the contaminated food, I begin to feel the repercussions. I immediately feel the achiness and burning sensation creep back into my joints, I feel sinus pressure in my head, and some times I even become very upset to my stomach. Consuming gluten simply isn’t worth all of the symptoms that are associated with it for my body. So even though it can be extremely tough at times, I will continue my GF lifestyle because I know it’s helping my body function in a relatively normal fashion without the use of prescription medicine, and it’s such a great feeling.

Thank you for reading, and if you’d like to hear more about my GF lifestyle and journey please ‘like’ this post and follow my blog for updates! Also, if you have specific questions about GF eating and if you’d be a good candidate please contact me by visiting my ‘contact me’ page!

Love always,



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