My Whole 30 Journey – Day 1

Hi friends, so I’ve decided to come out of my blogging hiatus to document this super crazy, totally awesome, undoubtably difficult journey I have started – the Whole 30. What is the Whole 30?! Why am I doing this program?! I could write a book allll about it, but lucky for you, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have already done just that. You can find it here. Or to get the basics of what you need to get started you can visit for a ton of awesome, FREE information. In a nutshell, the Whole 30 is where you commit to 30 days of eating as much of the approved, wholesome, ‘good-for-you’ foods you would like. This program is focused on Non-Scale Victories, so in other words, it doesn’t claim to be ‘a weight loss diet’ or a ‘diet’ at all for that matter. It’s a program designed to change the way you think and feel about food. Coming from experience, I KNOW that the food I eat can strongly impact my overall health, so I’ve made the leap and officially started on my Whole 30 today (and I’ve even recruited my momma to join me!). Now that all the boring, details are out of the way, let’s look at what I ate today and how I have felt!

Breakfast (8am): Spinach and Tomato Frittata and a Banana


Lunch (1:30pm): Grilled Chicken Breast, Greek Salad, and an Apple (not pictured)


Afternoon Snack (3pm): Larabar and a glass of Unsweetened Almond/Coconut Milk Blend

Dinner: Chili (waiting to be eaten in the crockpot!!)


The Feels: This morning I loved my frittata, and I felt rather full until right about lunchtime. I felt pretty good at lunch although I think I put a weee little too much oil and vinegar on my salad. I found myself thinking ‘this isn’t bad at all’. Then 3pm rolled around. And out came my ‘sugar dragon’ as the Whole 30 community likes to call it. I was craving something sweet. I was panicking. Thoughts such as ‘there’s no way I can do this for 30 days’ began to creep into my head. So I texted my mom. And she confessed that she was feeling the same way, and it made me feel better. We are in this together and support is one of the things that I think will be crucial over the course of the next month. So I calmed down. I grabbed a Larabar, and I felt even a little better. They aren’t exactly sweet. They’re actually rather weird. But it was enough to get my sugar dragon to shut the hell up. I’m now looking forward to eating some delicious crockpot chili for dinner, and I’m surprised I still have the desire to go to the gym today, but first – homework. Priorities!!

I hope you’ll join me on this Whole 30 journey, and I just wanted to say that I’m not writing this to toot my own horn and to be like ‘hooray look at me, I’m healthy’! I’m doing this segment on my blog for accountability. Because although I’m bound and determined to stick with this, I’m scared. I know this is a hard program, but my mantra has been and will continue to be ‘I owe it to myself’. If you have any questions about the Whole 30 feel free to ask in the comments down below. It’s good to be back writing, and I definitely think putting this journey down on paper, er… screen, will be a beneficial component to the rest of this month!

Love always,





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