Quit Judging, It’s Not Your Job

*deep breath* Hi friends! After another long break from writing, I’m back with a topic that has been a recurring idea for some time now, but I have been hesitant in writing about it because there’s always that fear of offending someone (because let’s face it, we ALL seem to be a little more sensitive these days). Also, there have been countless posts tied to this subject matter, but hey, I’m feeling inspired and figured it’s time for me to put my own two cents in.

Target bathrooms.

Caitlyn Jenner.

Legalization of gay marriage.

So you can see where this is going, and I know most of you are probably like ‘eye roll, another post about the dang Target bathrooms’, but please hear me out. I grew up Catholic, and now attend a wonderful non-denominational Christian church. I 100% believe in Jesus Christ, believe in a right and a wrong, and believe that one day we will all be judged by God. HOWEVER, the key in that statement is that we will be judged by GOD. Now listen up!!! If I am being entirely honest, there are many things that I do not understand regarding the LGBTQ community. I personally don’t relate to any of those categories. I continually learn more and more about this community and in most recent news, the transgender community. Again, being honest, some of it is beyond me. I simply do not relate or understand, BUT!!!!!!! Just because I do not understand something or relate to it DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS WRONG. It is not my position to judge someone based on the way they chose to identify themselves. It is not my position to make someone uncomfortable by forcing them to remain in a body in which they do not feel belongs to them.

As a Christian woman, I believe I should do my best to mimic the acts of Jesus, and in case you haven’t cracked open a bible, Jesus consistently helped and loved people who were VERY different from Himself. He didn’t stick with the super ‘holy’, super powerful people of His time. He chose to spend time with women, children, the sick, sinners, etc. The best way to mimic the acts of Jesus is to spend time with and love others who are different from you and try to have an accepting mind even if you have a hard time understanding. This is Christianity — not condemnation. You are not put on this earth to judge other people and tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s not your job. Our Father, the creator of the universe, is the ultimate judge. So take a deep breath, go #Targeting, and quit trying to take over the job of the Most High because I think He might be slightly more qualified.


Megan LouAnn


7 thoughts on “Quit Judging, It’s Not Your Job

  1. georgiakevin says:

    What a beautifully written, kind, caring, sweet post. You truly are a Christian lady. God must must smile every time he thinks of you.

  2. frankwmcarr says:

    True, in all cases, we are called to love, not judge. However, other portions of the Bible (e.g., Leviticus, Rom 1, 1 Cor 6) do cogently condemn the LGBTQ lifestyle. So, how do you harmonize the interpretation of the passages relevant to LGBTQ with the “non-judgment” passages of Scripture (e.g., Mat 7:1-5, Rom 2)?

    • meganlouann says:

      The bible is the Word of God and offers a lot of insight into how we should live our Christian lives, however, there are different interpretations each individual makes of the bible. Bottom line is that the bible is a guideline for how YOU should live YOUR own life — not how you should tell others to live theirs. At least that’s how I look at it.

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