How I Went from Not Being Able to Peel a Banana to a Rather Decent Cook

Hi friends! Anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time knows that I used to be the worst. cook. ever. My friend from grade school and I used to loveeeeee to make a giant mess of the kitchen and cook up some of the worst cakes known to man (my favorite was the one with ‘Please’ spelled out on top in little cinnamon red hots because we wanted to have a sleepover – safe to say our cake didn’t wow the judges, er, parents). Eventually my mother basically banned me from the kitchen. As you can tell from the title, I was so horrible, I couldn’t even properly peel a banana. I just couldn’t do it without smashing the entire top, so I had my parents peel them for me up until about age 13. I’m telling y’all, it was bad.

So here I am quite a few years later at the ripe age of 21, and I’m proud to say that I feel I’ve surpassed several of my peers when it comes to skills in the kitchen. I’ve mastered your stereotypical mac n cheese, grilled cheese, cereal, banana peeling!!!!, etc. But somewhere along the lines about a year ago, I really gained an interest in cooking (ahem, thank you Food Network). Despite how much I don’t want to admit it, I was becoming an adult and figured it would be handy to learn to cook a few things.

The desire to learn was there, but how did I manage to go from worst cook ever to actually pretty good? Two things:

  1. Watching the Food Network (like a lot), and not just your fun shows like Cupcake Wars, but shows like The Pioneer Woman (my fav!!!) and Giada at Home. These shows can teach you a lot and give you a lot of cool ideas that really aren’t as hard as they look.
  2. Trial and error. This one is pretty self explanatory, but really guys, this didn’t come naturally. I really had to just dive in and learn from my mistakes.

Now, I need to say that by NO means do I think I’m a super duper chef, but I am proud of myself for learning how to cook full course meals that don’t go in the microwave. Below I’ll share a picture of one of my favorite recipes – sweet potato hash. SO GOOD.


If you’d like for me to post some of my favorite recipes, let me know in the comments down below! Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you all soon 🙂

Love always,

Megan LouAnn

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I'm just a college student trying to find her place in this world, so as for an introduction, it's always changing...

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