What’s Your Talent?

The following is a reflection from this weekend’s message from Crossroads, so feel free to watch the service via crossroads.net to have a little bit of background on where I’m coming from!

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You know those quizzes and surveys that float around Facebook that tell you what your major should be, what Hollywood actress you’re most like, and what kind of tree represents your personality? I’m addicted to them. I know that for the most part, they’re kind of silly and don’t usually represent anything that remotely resembles the truth of who you are, but they’re fun. I think a lot of people enjoy taking those surveys because we desire to learn more about who we are or who others perceive us to be. But it’s weird — we seem to spend the majority of our time engaging in friendships, relationships, etc. while trying to learn all about other people, but do we really spend an adequate amount of time reflecting on who we really are? Because we are so much more than a ‘science major’, ‘Audrey Hepburn-like’, ‘pine tree’ type of person.

I can list off a lot of things that I am, a lot of things that I like, dislike, places I like to go, movies I like to watch, etc. but it’s not so clear when I try to think about who I am at the core. What talents has God instilled in me, specifically, to share His word with the world? What about me is different from most others around me? What do I bring to the table? Those questions dig a whole lot deeper than what’s my ‘favorite this or that’, and because of that, they’re so much harder to answer.

However, God has given each and every one of us a unique ‘spark’ and a unique way of functioning. If we were all the same, could you imagine how dull this world would be… Sure, there probably wouldn’t be nearly as many arguments, fights, etc., but would you want to live in a world where everyone did what everyone else was doing? Everyone thought what everyone else was thinking? Of course not. Our differences are what makes this world utterly beautiful despite all of the inherent brokenness. The best teams are made up of very different individuals who all bring a specific edge to the group in order to achieve a common goal.

I believe that God is never going to shout down to us and say something like, ‘Hey Megan! I gave you the unique ability to do XY and Z, so start doing that more!’. He might – I mean that would be pretty wicked – but I think God’s desire is for us to go through trial, error, and exploration to figure it out with his guidance. So where do we begin? I think a good place to start is to take a survey developed by the Crossroads team that addresses five true talents given in the Bible from Paul in Ephesians 4:11-13.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Megan, you literally just said five minutes ago that online surveys are silly and don’t tell us anything about who we are!’. I know, I did say that five minutes ago. However, this survey comes from a context that can certainly help us discover more about who we are, and although the ‘True Talent Indicator’ isn’t necessarily a perfect representation of who you are and what your God-given talents are, it’s an excellent place to start. I encourage you to take the time to do the survey and then more importantly, take the time to reflect on your results and what they might mean for you. Pray about it. Talk about it. Think about it. Here’s the link:


As for me, I had a near tie between Futurist (prophet) and Trainer (teacher). I plan to reflect on this over the next week and return here on Sunday to flesh out some of my ideas. Let me know your results in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have an amazing week!

Love always,

Megan LouAnn

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