Being an Introvert

People have been categorized as either an “introvert” or “extrovert” for a very, very long time, and while there are several other factors that contribute to someones personality, this distinction is a good place to start. For a long time, I had always distinguished myself as an extrovert, and maybe for a long time, IContinue reading “Being an Introvert”

Finding Happiness

Unfortunately in today’s society, our idea of happiness can be skewed and lead us further away from finding it. I don’t want to have to rely on anything or anybody to be happy. If you can be happy all alone with virtually nothing, I think it’s at that point you’ve reached true happiness. Sure, sometimesContinue reading “Finding Happiness”

When I Met You In the Summer – my summer to do list

Summer. Most people love the season, – warm weather, pools, Fourth of July, vacations, etc. – but really, summer is a totally different concept for people who haven’t entered into the “real world” or the “work force” yet. Students who get a summer break really do get just that – a break. Sure, many ofContinue reading “When I Met You In the Summer – my summer to do list”