Flaws and All

Crippled things are always more beautiful. It’s the flaw that brings out beauty. -Holly Black Flaws. We all got ’em. Some of us more than others, but who am I to judge? We are always told that we’ve got to love ourselves if anybody else is ever going to do the same, but what doesContinue reading “Flaws and All”

On My Mind

It’s quite a rainy evening here in Kentucky, and while I sit at work with nothing to do (fairly common in the summertime), my mind is going a million miles per hour. It probably has a lot to do with a new medication I’m on for my recently diagnosed spondyloarthritis – it increases general anxietyContinue reading “On My Mind”

5 Things I’ve Learned Through Coaching

Today marked my very last practice of my first season as a club volleyball coach. When I decided to take this coaching position in October of last year, I honestly just wanted to do something to keep up with volleyball and see how I liked it. I had no idea how much it would impactContinue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned Through Coaching”