The Sh*tty Part of Studying Abroad

‘What?! Megan, you’re crazy. There are no sh*tty parts to studying abroad!! It’s all amazing! Best month of your life?!’ Hear me out because there is one, giant, sh*tty part of studying abroad. No, it’s not the sh*tty food, no, it’s not the fact that I constantly had blisters and other open wounds on myContinue reading “The Sh*tty Part of Studying Abroad”

Spain – A Beautiful Thing

Well well well, where to begin… As most of you probably know by now, unfortunately I didn’t get to blog at all while I was studying abroad in Spain. I had such high hopes of blogging nearly every day, but the wifi situation just wasn’t what I had been expecting, and it made it extremelyContinue reading “Spain – A Beautiful Thing”

10 for 10

Well, ladies and gents, I was going to make this post on Summer in Segovia, but I logged onto WordPress, and it turns out this is my one year anniversary in joining the site, and meganlouann is where it all began. So I felt it was more appropriate to post here, and I have beenContinue reading “10 for 10”