Books I’ve Read This Summer: 2017

Hello readers, and welcome back to meganlouann! I last left you with a heartfelt retelling of a huge 180 in my life in my most recent post You Were Made to Be Courageous. Since writing that post back in May, several new happenings have come up including landing a new job as a Spanish teacher and making the decision to post-pone graduate school a semester. More on that in a future post. You may have noticed I did a little revamping on the site. My old tagline “a college student trying to find her place in this world” didn’t feel 100% appropriate any longer, and I want to switch the focus of my blog a bit away from college, to doing ‘life’ in my twenties. I am so happy to still have loyal readers like yourself who want to hear about my life and where I’m headed. I truly intend to upscale my content both in quantity and quality. I hope you all will join me in that journey — your support has always meant the world to me. Now, without further ado, here is my second installment of “Books I’ve Read This Summer”. For the first installment, click here.

This summer was a pretty successful summer as far as reading books go. Now that I’m not in school, I hope to continue my success with reading for “fun” well into the end of this year. I plan to have a post sometime in December to update you on which books I’ve read since now.

The Decent Proposal – Kemper Donovandecentproposal

I read this book in roughly three days. It is the perfect mix of romance, mystery, and light-heartedness. It was unexpected, and the ending left me pondering the entire book for days.

The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

hatinggameThis book was impossible to put down. It was an easy read, but the tension between the two main characters was the perfect blend of a love/hate relationship. I will put out there that this book is definitely for a ‘mature’ reader if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Teaching Spanish: The Essential Handbook – Rachel W. Kirk

So I didn’t spend the whole summer only reading for fun, although I did breeze through this book devouring everything it had to say. I wanted to be as prepared as possible for my first few weeks teaching, and I definitely think this book gave me some essential tools to start with for topics such as classroom management, lesson planning, etc.

Everything, Everything – Nicola Yooneverythingeverything.jpg

I have to say, out of all the books I read this summer, this one was probably my least favorite. However the mere fact that I read it all the way through says something, as I’m one to pick up a book and stop reading it half-way through if it’s not doing it for me. This book was very easy to read and fast paced, but definitely a little predictable. I think it’s geared for a younger audience, so that may be part of the reason I didn’t love it.

The Shack – William P. Young

shackI can’t really even put into words what this book means to me. It is a book unlike any other that I’ve read. When I first purchased it, I sat in Starbucks for three hours because I literally couldn’t put it down. The first half of the book is tragic and gut-wrenching, but it is so worth it for the ending. If you are a Christian or even someone who has a lot of questions about God, you need to go read this book. It gave me a whole new perspective on God and how He loves us. Trust me on this one, you will remember this book for the rest of your life. I haven’t watched the movie yet because I’ve heard controversial things on it, and I don’t want to ruin what the book did for me. It is incredible, and hands down my favorite book that I read this summer.

Currents: Currently I am bouncing back and forth between two books. The first is called Alex, Approximately, and I’m not too far into it so I will have to include my thoughts in another post. The second is called The Shack Revisited, and it is a deeper look into the theology behind the book. I’m telling y’all The Shack is insane, and I needed more.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you so much for reading, and if you have any really good book suggestions please comment them down below! Like I said, I have a lot more time to read during this fall and winter season than I normally would, so I’m always looking for another great book.

Stay tuned for posts in the near (I really promise!!) future on my first few weeks teaching in a traditional classroom and some thoughts on random stuff I’m currently enjoying.

Besos (kisses),

Megan LouAnn


Books I’ve Read This Summer

As the school year is quickly approaching, I am reflecting on one of my favorite summer pastimes – reading. I am a full-time college student with a job and involvement in a handful of organizations, so it’s safe to say that I don’t have a whole lot of free time during the school year to read (literally I average maybe one or two ‘fun’ books a semester). Thus, I take full advantage of free time during the warmer months to squeeze in as much reading as I can. Here is a mini review of each book I’ve read this summer starting with…

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks


As soon as I hear about a movie coming out that is based off of a book, I almost always pick it up to read first because one of my favorite things to do is to read a book and then watch the movie soon after to compare the two (yes, the book is always better). Also, I can shamelessly say that Nicholas Sparks is hands down my favorite author, and I think that The Longest Ride might be my favorite by him that I’ve read. I love that it has two separate but interlocking stories, and it focuses a lot on the struggles of relationships and dare I say the true meaning of life. The ending is simply perfection. The movie was good, but with the book, you get way more insight into the story of the elderly couple which was one of my favorite parts. I definitely recommend to anyone who is a fan of a complex, thought-provoking love story.

Paper Towns by John Green


Another book turned movie, this is surprisingly the first book I’ve read by John Green, and I have to say that my expectations were met and then some. The complexity of the characters and the mystery lingering throughout the book until the end made this a very easy, quick read. It was the perfect companion during my adventures in Spain, and it’s a story that will stick with me forever. The movie did a great job of staying true to the book, but I felt like the ending I perceived from the book was slightly different than what the movie tried to portray. I definitely think I’ll be picking up another John Green book in the future. Any suggestions from John Green fans out there? I might pick up Fault in Our Stars, but I’m not big on super sad things, and well, I’ve heard the story line.

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


This book is one that I picked up at Half Price Books because it was in one of those ‘new and noteworthy’ sections and the back sounded interesting. I have a serious addiction to reading the backs of books and thus spend over an hour in any bookstore simply reading the backs of books before I make any purchasing decisions and boy does it drive my sister crazy when she’s with me – anyone else have this issue? Anyways, this book was unlike any other book I’ve read, and at times I felt like this was made for middle school or pre-teen girls (maybe it was?) but nonetheless it kept me intrigued almost the whole way through. Very interesting plot line and plot twists kept the story moving but definitely not a super-fan. There is a sequel that I won’t be picking up any time soon.

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado


Oh boy, this one was definitely my favorite read of the summer and one of my favorite books in general. It opened my eyes to a new way of looking at heaven and more importantly angels, and I found myself really relating to the main character despite her being a single mother of two kids and owner of a small-town coffee shop. Lucado has a way of really pulling at your heart strings and making you stop and think. It’s not a very long story, but it’s one that will absolutely stay with me the rest of my life and one that I am sure to re-read and pass along to friends and family. Truly a great book filled with faith, hope, and love. It’s also filled with wonderful descriptive passages to truly put you into the story. Recommend, recommend, recommend!!!

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot


Now this one is still in progress, but I can say that so far it is certainly living up to my expectations. Meg Cabot is another one of my favorite authors, and I was a die-hard Princess Diaries book series fan back in the day. The discovery that she had come out with an adult sequel that follows Mia’s life post-college was literally a game changer. I don’t want to finish the book because I don’t want the amazingness to end!! Royal Wedding has the same witty journal entries from Mia that are iconic to the former books, but Cabot has definitely given it a more grown-up feel as Mia faces trouble with her overwhelmingly busy schedule, long-time boyfriend Michael, annoying eye-twitch, and dad who is seemingly going through a mid-life crisis. Will Mia be able to juggle it all or will everything come crashing down?! I know I can’t wait to keep reading and find out, and if you were a fan of The Princess Diaries, I highly, highly recommend this little pot of gold that is adult Mia.

I hope I have encouraged you to pick up one of these books and give it a go. Although I will be very busy soon, I’m always open to book suggestions, so if you have any that you think I might enjoy, please leave it in the comments below!!

Love always,

Megan LouAnn

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