How I Went from Not Being Able to Peel a Banana to a Rather Decent Cook

Hi friends! Anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time knows that I used to be the worst. cook. ever. My friend from grade school and I used to loveeeeee to make a giant mess of the kitchen and cook up some of the worst cakes known to man (my favorite wasContinue reading “How I Went from Not Being Able to Peel a Banana to a Rather Decent Cook”

My Whole 30 Journey – Day 1

Hi friends, so I’ve decided to come out of my blogging hiatus to document this super crazy, totally awesome, undoubtably difficult journey I have started – the Whole 30. What is the Whole 30?! Why am I doing this program?! I could write a book allll about it, but lucky for you, Melissa and DallasContinue reading “My Whole 30 Journey – Day 1”

6 Things that Happened After Going Gluten-Free

First, I must start out with a disclaimer: I am not writing this post encouraging every single person to go on a gluten-free diet. Eating gluten-free is absolutely not some new weight-loss fad. Period. I’m writing this post to reach those few people who are really at a loss as to why they feel theContinue reading “6 Things that Happened After Going Gluten-Free”