To Write and To Travel

“What do you want to do with a biology degree?” This question is one that I hear way more than I’d admittedly like to, but that’s mostly because I’ve never really had a concrete answer to give. However, I’ve finally accepted that I probably never will have such an answer. I took a step backContinue reading “To Write and To Travel”

Spain – A Beautiful Thing

Well well well, where to begin… As most of you probably know by now, unfortunately I didn’t get to blog at all while I was studying abroad in Spain. I had such high hopes of blogging nearly every day, but the wifi situation just wasn’t what I had been expecting, and it made it extremelyContinue reading “Spain – A Beautiful Thing”

Operation Get Megan to Spain

I know most of my posts lately have included some sort of blurb about my study abroad trip to Spain, but it’s just because I’m so excited, I can’t keep it to myself!!!!! As you might imagine, the funding for the program and the plane ticket is very pricey, so I could use all theContinue reading “Operation Get Megan to Spain”