Summer Lovin’

Oh boy… I know I say this every single summer, but this summer has by far been the fastest summer of my life. It has also been the most life changing and productive summer I’ve ever had, so I’m definitely sad to see it go. However, I think it has propelled me into the upcomingContinue reading “Summer Lovin’”


Free writing allows the mind to flow freely with no limitations and no expectations, but this is not how I typically write. I’m a planner; a perfectionist. I’m already resisting the overwhelming temptation to hit the backspace button. I will type one thing and immediately think of something better – a better descriptive adjective, aContinue reading “Rain”

Rambles for Your Monday

Hello readers and happy Monday! My mind is all over the place today, and I’m having a hard time channeling my thoughts into a categorized blog post, so we’re just gonna go for it. A lot of my older blog posts (like waaaaay older, like not even on WordPress older) were honestly just a bunchContinue reading “Rambles for Your Monday”