Branching Away from the Catholic Church

So several of my blog posts have been about how I’ve been desiring to grow my relationship with Jesus and that I was going to explore outside of the Catholic church which I have known and been familiar with my entire life (we’re talking 13 years of Catholic school). I don’t really know what IContinue reading “Branching Away from the Catholic Church”

Finding God in the Little Things

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a little while, you’ll know that I’ve sort of started a new “faith” journey with the main goal of becoming closer to God. In my previous faith post, I focused a lot on the actual church service itself which is certainly important, but I think I missedContinue reading “Finding God in the Little Things”

Rediscovering my Faith

Just a few weeks after I was born, I was baptized into the Catholic faith. I grew up going to church with my extended family every Sunday, and I attended Catholic school from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. From this I developed a core set of values, and I had a guideContinue reading “Rediscovering my Faith”