A Few Updates AND…

Hey guys! So I wanted to just give you all a few generalized updates and to announce that… we will save that for later (don’t read ahead, I know you want to!). Okay, on to the updates! I received my flight itinerary for Spain, and I was extremely relieved to find out that I amContinue reading “A Few Updates AND…”

Spring Break Recap

Hey y’all! So I thought since I did a post on what to do over Spring Break, I should update you all on what I actually did over Spring Break because we all know that when we say we will do one thing, it doesn’t always turn out that way. I certainly tackled some thingsContinue reading “Spring Break Recap”

Something about Sunday

Sundays always get me thinking of renewal – a start to a new week. As I look at the week that lies ahead, my mind is immediately filled with all things school related. It’s midterm week, and with an unexpected week off of school due to snow and extremely cold temperatures, I’m sure you canContinue reading “Something about Sunday”