How I Went from Not Being Able to Peel a Banana to a Rather Decent Cook

Hi friends! Anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time knows that I used to be the worst. cook. ever. My friend from grade school and I used to loveeeeee to make a giant mess of the kitchen and cook up some of the worst cakes known to man (my favorite wasContinue reading “How I Went from Not Being Able to Peel a Banana to a Rather Decent Cook”

The Start of Something New

I really hope after reading that title that you have some serious HSM tunes stuck in your head!!! You’re welcome.  Pretty much since as long as I can remember, I’ve had a brief wave of excitement before the new school year started, and before you start screaming, “NERDDDDDDDD”, let me finish. I don’t think thatContinue reading “The Start of Something New”

Whole 30 Update

Hi friends. So you’re all probably thinking, ‘Oh, Megan must have quit her Whole 30 on like Day 6 because she never posted about it after Day 5’, and you would be sort of right. I did quit my Whole 30, but not on Day 5, on Day 13. Yes, 13 days I stuck 100%Continue reading “Whole 30 Update”