Seeking God Among the Chaos

Hectic, crazy, and strange are three words to describe my first week back in America. I knew that as soon as I returned, I would be overwhelmed with responsibilities of the real world and boy, was I right. It’s like reverse culture shock. I’ve found myself seeking a ‘breather’ more often than before, and theContinue reading “Seeking God Among the Chaos”


Free writing allows the mind to flow freely with no limitations and no expectations, but this is not how I typically write. I’m a planner; a perfectionist. I’m already resisting the overwhelming temptation to hit the backspace button. I will type one thing and immediately think of something better – a better descriptive adjective, aContinue reading “Rain”

Branching Away from the Catholic Church

So several of my blog posts have been about how I’ve been desiring to grow my relationship with Jesus and that I was going to explore outside of the Catholic church which I have known and been familiar with my entire life (we’re talking 13 years of Catholic school). I don’t really know what IContinue reading “Branching Away from the Catholic Church”