My First Weeks Teaching

Hola readers, and welcome back to my blog! As promised, I bring you a post all about my first few weeks teaching. As some of you know, I accepted my first ‘big girl’ teaching job over the summer, and I now teach kindergarten through 8th grade students at a small, Catholic school. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to word all of the emotions that I have felt the past few weeks, but alas I will just start writing, as that’s what I do with 99% of these posts!!

Where to begin?? I suppose the first day. I was SO, so, soooo nervous for my first day all leading up to the morning of. I got all my nerves out the night before by over-preparing for the morning. I had EvErYtHiNg laid out for the morning, a note to self not to forget my lunch, the whole nine yards. So when I woke up on Thursday, August 17th, I felt excited and prepared.

Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect on my first day, but I was sort of expecting some mass amount of chaos for whatever reason. I arrived to school SUPER early to lay out name cards, prayer sheets, etc. on each desk before I did my morning door duty, greeting each student as they entered the school building. I was feeling very ready to go. UNTIL…

I walked back to my classroom, and the 6th graders were waiting outside my door, not the 8th graders I was expecting and had prepared for. It turned out there was a last minute schedule change that hadn’t yet been communicated to the specials teachers. So after a quick little panic, I reset the name-tags and then invited the 6th grade into my classroom. Honestly, not a huge deal, but just a true testament to something I heard over and over again as advice for new teachers: expect the unexpected and be flexible! 

Honestly after that moment, my first day went so, so much better than I ever could have imagined. I left school that day totally flippin’ exhausted, but totally exhilarated, and I had an inner peace that could only come from knowing, truly knowing, that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Although I could sit here and detail each moment because I have cherished all of them, the really good and the really tough, I’ll end this post with a bulleted list of things I’ve learned through just my first few weeks in my own classroom. I know I have a longggg way to go, but I’m ready and eager to learn so that I can be the impactful teacher that I’ve always wanted to be. Without further ado:

  • Comfy shoes are sooooo important
  • There are really good classes and really tough classes, but each has their own redeeming qualities
  • Being flexible and creative is essential
  • Planning periods can be your best friend if you use them properly!
  • I hear my own voice as a former student in a lot of the voices of my current students, and it’s the weirdest, coolest thing
  • Having great coworkers is a wonderful thing (I’m very blessed in this department)
  • You are gonnnna fail (I have, but I learned!)
  • Kindergarteners are so much smarter than you think, and they have no filter – it’s amazing
  • Any teeny tiny compliment towards my teaching is appreciated 1289483x more than any student, parent, coworker will ever understand — when you are a brand new teacher, it’s hard to know if you’re doing a good job or not
  • Teaching IS tough, but 150% worth it

Now, I feared writing this post for criticism it might receive. I don’t really know what kind of criticism, but I’m still just so uncertain if I’m doing a good job – I want to do an amazing job. I know that all takes time. Maybe some long-time teachers are reading this thinking “Ohhh just you wait. You don’t know what’s coming”. And you’re right, I don’t always know what’s coming, but after having a moment today where I literally got *teary-eyed* just observing one of my middle school classes actually engaging in the activity I had planned, learning the material, and having fun doing so, I believe whatever is coming my way in the next weeks, months, years that I will be teaching, is something that I look forward to whether it be a moment of triumph or utter failure. (I am so sorry that sentence is so long, but I don’t know how to break it up so just roll with it okay thanks).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to say. I know a lot of my friends and family have been asking how the new job has been, and it’s just hard to say alllll of this in a text message. Obviously, lol. So consider this as my gigantic text message letting you know that I feel blessed to be where I am, and I’m excited for the future whatever that may bring. Love y’all. Feel free to leave a comment below!


Megan LouAnn

Something about Sunday

Sundays always get me thinking of renewal – a start to a new week. As I look at the week that lies ahead, my mind is immediately filled with all things school related. It’s midterm week, and with an unexpected week off of school due to snow and extremely cold temperatures, I’m sure you can imagine how jam-packed and crazy everything has been. I have got so much homework and many exams/midterms this week, and I have no idea how I’m supposed to get it all done (maybe I should start by not blogging today, but sometimes a girl’s got to vent!!).

I really love biology, but it’s an extremely difficult field to study. For one, it’s so broad (biology is the study of life, after all), and I’m only really interested in a small portion of all of this life that I’m forced to study. For example, I do not care about a single topic in ecology. I do not care what causes the population of smelt to fluctuate from year to year. I mean I know I should somewhat care about these seemingly trivial things because clearly it draws attention to some bigger issues going on in the world, but still – I’ll leave it to the ecologists. I’m more interested in the human aspect of life, anatomy and physiology for example, and genetics.

This semester has been the hardest so far. My initial idea was to take less credit hours (13) than I did last semester (17) to be able to take more time to focus on the classes and really boost my GPA. I think my professors have other plans for me. I don’t really enjoy any of my classes other than Spanish, so that makes it difficult to begin with. I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a freshman anymore, and I can’t just float on by and get my A.

Now that I’ve got all of my negative emotions out of the way, let’s look at some positive things happening soon! Since it is midterm week, it means that Spring Break is right around the corner! If I can make it to Friday, I will be rewarded with a week free from school related responsibilities – woo hoo! Also right around the corner is SPRING, thank goodness! We’ve had more nasty weather in the past two-three weeks than we’ve had all year and last year combined. Luckily today is March 1st which means just a month or so until warmer weather! On a much larger scale, as this semester is already half-way over, I sit back and realize that I’m almost halfway done with my undergraduate career as a college student. Seriously, where has the time gone?!

So clearly Sundays get me thinking. Now, I guess I should get started on some of that homework and studying I have to do! Until next time…


Megan LouAnn

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Rambles for Your Monday

Hello readers and happy Monday! My mind is all over the place today, and I’m having a hard time channeling my thoughts into a categorized blog post, so we’re just gonna go for it. A lot of my older blog posts (like waaaaay older, like not even on WordPress older) were honestly just a bunch of rambling. So let’s just say this is a little throwback. Onto the rambles!

So I’ve completed my first week of my second semester of sophomore year (woop, woop), and although it felt like the longest week ever, it was nice to get back into a good routine. My schedule is a lot better this semester, and I actually get a decent break to sit down and eat lunch with friends! Here’s the low down on my classes so far.

1.) I’ve heard horror stories about my chemistry professor (and we all know I hate chemistry), but maybe I’m a weirdo or maybe it’s too soon, but I really, really like her. We’ll see…

2.) I didn’t think that general ecology would be that bad (and it’s not THAT bad – like it’s not difficult), but I’ve realized that I have zero interest in the material. It’s required for all biology majors, but it has nothing to do with my track (cellular, molecular, genetics). Barf.

3.) Biometry has been interesting so far. My professor has no idea what’s going on, so that’s always helpful. Also, all of our work is on computer programs, so we spend half of the class trying to boot-up computers due to NKU’s not-so-wonderful WiFi. Let’s just say the most important thing I’ve learned so far are which seats are ‘dead’ in the network. Lol.

4.) Finally, Spanish. Best class ever. There’s no comparison. The more Spanish classes I take, the more I love it, and of course, being me, I tend to doubt why I’m not just a Spanish major (but whatevs). My professor is the cutest, and she really wants us to learn which is cool because like… yoooo gurl is tryna learn some espanol (omg it won’t let me put the tilde over the n!!!!). Can I be in Segovia already?!

Today was my first volleyball tournament as a coach, and although it’s crazy sad that I’m no longer a player, it was a lot of fun. Being on the other side of things was weird at first, but I love that I have the opportunity to pass on all of the knowledge I gained over my 7+ years of playing. Side note: coaching is tiring especially when you’re sick. I’ve got a bunch of sinus crud going on, so I felt like I had yell even louder for them to hear me. Guarantee I have no voice tomorrow. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

I received tremendous positive feedback on my previous post, and I can not thank you all enough. Thanks to anyone who read it, liked it, shared it, etc. because my stats were booming for days after that post. I had also received quite a few messages from friends and strangers alike about their interest in Crossroads, and I could not have been any happier to answer their questions. If you’ve been thinking about trying something new in your faith journey, PLEASE reach out to me. Aside from simply keeping a record of my life, that’s one of the reasons I write this blog – to hopefully inspire people or help people in one way or another through both my successes and failures. Again, thank you all so much, y’all rock.

I now realize that this post is extremely random and may have been like super uninteresting to read, but I just had a lot of excitement on my mind from all of the new things going on this past week, I just had to share! I promise (maybe) not to have a rambling post for a while, but I’m just trying to keep everyone updated! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week ahead!


Megan LouAnn

PS! – It’s Bachelor Monday (if you watch The Bachelor who are your favorites??)

PPS! – I applied for another scholarship to study abroad in Segoviaaaaaaaaaaayaayyayya. Ok, I’m done. Bye.