My First Weeks Teaching

Hola readers, and welcome back to my blog! As promised, I bring you a post all about my first few weeks teaching. As some of you know, I accepted my first ‘big girl’ teaching job over the summer, and I now teach kindergarten through 8th grade students at a small, Catholic school. I’m not exactlyContinue reading “My First Weeks Teaching”

You Were Made to Be Courageous

The story I am about to share is probably long overdue. Over the past two months, I’ve tried to sit down and write a blog post about it, but I just couldn’t find the right words. Today, I had a random spark of inspiration to try again, and as I logged on to WordPress, IContinue reading “You Were Made to Be Courageous”

3 Secrets for a Successful Semester

Tonight I was talking with one of my coworkers about when I go back to school (January 12th), and I told her that I kind of wish I went back Monday. And her jaw dropped. Understandably? See, with Christmas and New Year’s gone, I’m ready to get back into a normal day-to-day routine. When IContinue reading “3 Secrets for a Successful Semester”