Finding Unwavering Joy

Hi friends, it’s been a while, but I’m happy to be making the time to sit down and write again finally. I can’t believe it’s already November! I swear I blinked, and this fall semester just flew by! I guess that’s what happens when you are a senior in college and not only trying toContinue reading “Finding Unwavering Joy”

What’s Your Talent?

The following is a reflection from this weekend’s message from Crossroads, so feel free to watch the service via to have a little bit of background on where I’m coming from! You know those quizzes and surveys that float around Facebook that tell you what your major should be, what Hollywood actress you’re mostContinue reading “What’s Your Talent?”

College Connection

Hellooooo readers! So I’m throwing a super unconventional blog post your way today, and I’m not sure how it will be received, but like always… oh whale. I also have no idea if this is like a thing in the blogosphere, but I’m just going to make it a thing if it’s not already. SoContinue reading “College Connection”